Wendy ReeseDo you feel disconnected, like something isn’t right, but you can’t seem to pinpoint it? You know you can’t keep going like this, but you’re not exactly sure what to do.

You can experience connected, clear, radical freedom by becoming the whole you.

Let’s be honest. Something isn’t right. You know how you want your life to look and feel, you even know what you should be doing, and yet, you can’t seem to make it happen. You feel disconnected from your greatness. You struggle with fear, doubt, and if you’re being honest, you judge yourself for not even being worthy of the life you envision. Even though you want the pain to end, you can’t quite give up. Something in you is gnawing at you to keep trying.

You want to change. You try to change. You take a couple of steps forward and then find yourself stumbling.
Some things work for a little while, but nothing like the grand results you hear others boasting about. Ignoring and numbing works temporarily, too, but that’s not really how you want to live. And it’s really confusing and frustrating, right?
It’s not working because the methods you’ve relied on so far treat soul issue like a paper cut.
What you’re really needing is support to see the whole issue, including
all its distinct parts then you’re able to shift your perspective to truly serve your deepest, heartfelt needs and desires. This is powerful! 

To do this work, you need a soul guide.


Are you ready to discover your radical freedom?

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“When I reached out to Wendy, I was feeling like I wasn’t progressing. Or if I was, I would take one step forward, two steps back. There were issues in my life that I wasn’t confronting and I needed positive, supportive assistance to push me to overcome my fears and continue the journey of self-love and self-exploration to try and be in sync with who I truly am. I was feeling stuck, confused, and lost. Working with Wendy, I feel calmer and more accepting of the uncertainty of my future.  I also feel stronger when it comes to creating boundaries and being honest in my relationships. Wendy’s process is very different from what I have dealt with in the past. What I find has helped me a lot is how she brings me back to roots of the issue.I haven’t back-slid into old patterns in over 3 months and that makes me feel good!” -Brenna Hansen

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